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Kids Count came highly recommended to me by some neighbors whose children had graduated from the preschool program there. After exploring other schools in area, I knew immediately upon visiting Kids Count this is where I wanted my daughter to attend preschool. My daughter has attended classes and summer camp with each different teacher who works there, and I highly recommend ALL of them. My daughter loves each one, and I feel confident she is in good hands when I drop her off each day. Heidi the school director does a fabulous job of overseeing all of the programs and staying involved with the students and classes. My daughter has just finished her first month of Pre-K with Mrs Bedard, and I cannot believe the amount of knowledge she has gained and growth that has happened thus far. It’s such a great feeling to know our daughter is having so many wonderful experiences starting off her educational journey!

- Candice Myers

Kids Count Playschool is wonderful place! We are very pleased that we
decided to enroll our daughter, Rose. Ms. Lee, the School Director,
never ceases to amaze us with how passionate she is about the school
and everyone in it!  She remembers details about our daughter and is
very involved in her progress.

Our daughter is very happy in the preschool program and she loves her
teachers, Mrs. Borassa and Mrs. Crosby! They have made the transition
from home life to school an enjoyable and enriching experience for
Rose. They are very warm and caring and I feel confident entrusting

We are very impressed by the amount of progress she has shown since
school began. She is enthusiastic about each school day, enjoys
interacting with her classmates and has already learned many letters,
numbers and concepts. We are very impressed by the creative art
projects that she comes home with. We can't wait to see what she
learns next!

-Stephanie and Dave Leary

Kids Count has been a great launch pad for our children's education.  They have met good friends, had fun, but most importantly they are very prepared for the academic and social aspects of elementary school.  Heidi and her staff are caring, organized, and wonderful teachers.

-Jamie Ritchie


We love Kids Count. I wouldn’t send my kids anywhere else! Nothing compares to the school, teachers, director, curriculum, and loving and positive environment. It’s by far the best preschool around. 

- Rachel Judd

My son has been at Kids Count since he turned three years old and has bonded with the teachers since day one made his forever friends.  As a school leader myself and full-time working parent, I find the administration and teachers to be very attentive to the needs of families.  Our little one will be ready for Kindergarten but we will not be ready to leave Kids Count!  

-Michelle Costa


When we moved to Boxford in 2012, finding the right preschool was on top on my priority list.  We researched and toured many local programs. But as soon as we entered Kids Count and met the staff, we made an easy decision. Two years later, both of my children are enrolled in Kids Count, and we couldn’t be happier.

Kids Count is known for their academic program;  I am amazed at the reading and math skills my children are developing. But just as importantly, the environment is warm and nurturing.  The kids have made so many close friends and their confidence continues to grow. We feel lucky to be a part of the KCP family! 

-Sheila Sutton

Our daughter had a great preschool experience over the two years she attended Kids Count.  She made great friends and enjoyed going to school everyday.  The teachers truly care about the students and the kids thrive in this environment.  Our daughter was more than prepared for Kindergarten!


Now our son has started his first year of preschool at Kids Count and we are once again happy with the friendly and nurturing environment Kids Count provides.  We have no doubt he will have an excellent school year!  We highly recommend Kids Count Playschool!

-Doug and Colleen Goudie

Kids Count focuses on academics while providing a nurturing and fun environment for the children to grow and build confidence.  The teachers are innovative and friendly, making each child feel special.  
-Keri L. Layne 

New to the area and searching for a pre-k program, Kids Count was the perfect fit for our daughter...strong learning program, highly qualified teachers, etc. I've been very impressed from the tour to seeing her now quickly progress in class.

-Kelly Rainville

"Both our children attended Kids Count and we were delighted with the school.  The open and friendly environment made it a great place for our children to learn and play. We recommend Kids Count as a great start for your children."
– Julian and Karen Troake

"When dropping my children off in the morning, I always had a great feeling that they were in a safe, caring and comfortable  learning environment.  The teachers and staff are amazing and can really connect with all the children.   Both my children had warm and wonderful experiences at KidsCount Playschool, my only complaint is that the school doesn't continue through 12th grade!"
– Nancy Alibrandi

"My daughter has been going to Kids Count since September 2011. After moving to our new location and tons of interviews with other preschools I can honestly say that the best choice I ever made was sending my daughter to Kids Count. The staff is always helpful and friendly. The teachers are nurturing and I never leave the school feeling that my daughter will not be taken care of. They have taken the time to have the appropriate safety measures and the doors are always locked.
My daughter also has allergies to certain foods and they are very careful and pay close attention to what she is exposed to. The school isn't just a school, it's almost like one big family. Parents are involved in much of what goes on in the school and I love the fact they have outings with just the moms, just so we can socialize and get to know one another. Another bonus is movie nights, they offer to watch our kids while we go out from 5-9 on the second Friday of the month. The kids play with their friends and watch movies while eating pizza and popcorn, no need to hire a babysitter and mommy and daddy get to have some quiet alone time."
"Our daughter has come home recognizing her name and knowing her letters at only 2.9 years of age. She has also come home reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. They are learning about the different holidays, seasons, numbers and so much more. I am glad I interviewed other schools, no matter how many you interview, you can never find one with a better staff and curriculum for your child as far as I'm concerned."
– Rose Chellevold

"My oldest daughter attended Kids Count for two years from its inception in Boxford. Kids Count provided her an environment that was curriculum based while being fun, protective, and nurturing. She began wanting to and making progress in reading at the age of 4. I also sent my other two daughters there whom also had positive experiences. They were all well prepared and advanced students when they entered school."
– Laura Quirk

"My 7 year-old son is still good friends with his classmates from Pre-K at Kids Count. The school's small class size and comfortable environment provided the perfect opportunity for him to develop close relationships with both his peers and teachers. I see the same thing happening with my second child. He looks forward to going to school every day!"
– Cara Iacobucci

"Kids Count Playschool is the best preschool around. Besides the amazing education that my son Luke received, the warmth and love that the teachers and Director, Ms. Lee show to their students has been an unforgettable experience for Luke. He asks all the time when can we go visit KCPS!"
"I would recommend KCPS to anyone who is looking to go to an amazing preschool!"
– Michele Wise, North Andover

"My family has been blessed to be part of the Kids Count Play school for many years now! My nephews, my daughter and I can't wait to bring my son. Nothing is more precious in your life then your kids development and safety! You can not find a better establishment than Kids Count! Your kids will be safe and in an environment that they will flourish in! You and your child are important to the Kids Counts staff, they are always there for anything you may need. I am so thankful there is a preschool like Kids Count out there and   I know how much it prepared my daughter and nephews for kindergarden and so much more! We all are happy to have been a part of The Kids Count Playschool family." 
– Nicole Drinkwater Lewis 

"We have 3 boys and are so happy we chose to send them to Kids Count Playschool. The staff are wonderful and the balance of academics and socialization is perfect. My oldest son Matthew entered Kindergarten with a confidence I don't think he would have achieved elsewhere. The friendships he formed hold true today and he loves to go back to visit his former teachers. I look forward to seeing our other two boys continue to their journeys at Kids Count where I know they'll thrive."
– Christine Sheehan

"My daughters are very fortunate to have had such wonderful "first school experiences" at Kids Count.  The teachers at Kids Count are welcoming and professional.  Ms. Baron, in particular, is a wonderful Kindergarten teacher.  She is extremely generous and kind with the children in her care and goes above and beyond the call of duty!   In a quiet and loving manner, she instills confidence and a love of learning among her students.  Kids Count has been a positive and rewarding environment for our girls and our family."
– Kristen Sullivan

"Kids Count offers an excellent academic beginning to a lifetime of learning. Units are introduced and presented in an age-appropriate way from fire safety and dental care to dinosaurs and the solar system. Traditional holidays are celebrated and a fun part of this school which all the kids and parents love!"
– Heather

"Our family cannot say enough good things about Kids Count Playschool.
It is widely known that Kids Count is one of the most academically inclined preschools in the area. The common goal of all, to foster the happiest and most successful students was not limited to the walls of the school." 
"Heidi Lee stood by us and attended outside meetings in a neighboring town, when we petitioned for developmental screening in the public school system for our twin boys." 
"It continues today...whenever I need their expertise, the teachers and directors are there to add wisdom and guidance. You'll find the schools support continues long after your student graduates!"
– Michelle Frawley

"My child has attended KCP for the past 3 years. It has been a wonderful experience for him as well as myself. He has grown both socially and academically in the loving and caring environment. My little guy loves going to school & always has a wonderful story to tell. The teachers run the classrooms like little families. The children grow together and learn to care for others. School is so much more than ABCs & 123s. I thank all the teachers at KCP for making my little one's preschool years so precious."
– Jennifer Greenfield

My husband and I decided to enroll our son Gavin in Kids Count Playschool.
We were a little nervous about how Gavin would adjust to school as he had never been in a daycare or a school setting and only with family. Gavin has grown and matured since going to Kids Count in September (2011). He was not shy at home although he could be shy around other people. Since enrolling in school he has now become very independent. He absolutely loves going to school, his personality has bloomed and he has made many friends. He loves his teacher Mrs. Canarie and all the teachers there, including his "principal" Ms. Lee as he calls her.
When Gavin started in September he was not able to recognize or write any of his letters or numbers. At Kids Count they work on many skills, such as letter and number recognition as well as matching objects and counting. Gavin is now able to recognize his letters. He continues to work on letter recognition and the sounds associated with them. He writes his full name and is able to recognize and write his numbers. His teacher has also worked on his fine motor skills. He wasn’t able to hold his pencil or crayon properly and was not adept at cutting with scissors. He has learned how to properly hold a pencil and a crayon as well as hold and correctly cut with scissors. Gavin has learned all his colors and absolutely enjoys bringing home all his creative art work! Gavin is already looking forward to going back next year and having Ms. Baron as his teacher. Enrolling Gavin in Kids Count has not only provided Gavin with a foundation that he will need to be successful in school but also has improved his social skills. We could not be more pleased.
– Terri Lyn and Chris Russell

Kids Count has been a great choice for our daughter. Katherine finds school fun and loves the teacher and other students. Her language skills have skyrocketed as have her writing and reasoning skills.  We love that KCP stresses good citizenship and cooperation in the daily happenings at school while allowing each student to be his/her own unique self. Seeing Katherine learning patience, sharing, and how to communicate her needs is wonderful (and carries over from school to home). Communication between teachers and parents is fantastic.  KCP is an excellent springboard for success in primary school and beyond. 

-Liz Hamp

I am happy to write a testimonial and it’s actually hard for me to make it short because I have so many great things to say.   But, here it goes........…


We are in the middle of our 3rd year at Kids Count Playschool and it’s been a wonderful experience.  We are thrilled with the progress our son has made both academically and socially and we credit those KCP teachers for this. We are confident that he will be ready for Kindergarten.  This school stands out from other schools in the Boxford/Georgetown area because of it’s small class and the 4 hour school day where the children eat lunch with their classmates.  Our son looks forward to each school day and that just speaks volumes!  We are looking forward to our other son starting there next year! 


I firmly believe that business grows best through word of mouth.  As you know, I am happy to share my story with other moms I meet whether it be at the local mom's club, school, the playground or even the grocery store.  Wishing KCP much success! 
-Sincerely, Kimberly Umberger


Nico  is thriving at KCP both socially and academically. He has developed confidence and love for school, which has given him the motivation to try new things. Craig and I both feel that KCP has been a great experience and feel comfortable with the entire KCP Team.

 -Giannino Family


We have two boys ages 3 & 5 currently enrolled at Kids Count.  Being new and unfamiliar to the area, Kids Count welcomed our family with open arms.  Our boys are thriving at Kids Count.  They absolutely love their teachers as well as the director, Heidi.  The kindergarten program, taught by Ms. Baron is wonderful. While academically driven, she recognizes the importance of social interaction. The children are given plenty of time to play and enjoy each other.  The projects are clever and fun.  I feel confident sending my son to public school in the fall as he has been well prepared from his time at Kids Count.  The preschool program is taught by Mrs. Doucette who has a warm and inviting way with small children.  My son truly enjoys going to her class.  Although academics are present in this class it is done in an age appropriate way.  I can't say enough good things about Kids Count.  The classrooms are cheerful, clean and spacious.  The staff is friendly, enthusiastic and caring.  We are so thankful to Kids Count for helping to make our boys' transition to a new area a positive one.

 -Julie & Sean Flynn

The warmth, love and dedication to the children at Kids Count Playschool put this school in a class of its own. Don't be fooled by the name though ("Playschool"), these kids learn to write and read with ease by the time they graduate. The Kindergarten screener was speechless at how well prepared my son was. But this was just a bonus. The love that runs through those 4 classrooms is what brought our family back for 3 years. Thank you Kids Count. 
-Lisa Meldrim


When we first started looking for a preschool for my daughter, we didn’t have to look far.  We had heard so many positive things about Kids Count and after touring the facility and meeting the staff we were impressed.  Kids Count offers a great balance of academics and socialization.  The classroom sizes are perfect for young children and comforting to us as parents.  It is the perfect environment - it has a strong curriculum focus while being fun, safe and nurturing.  When my daughter asked the Director of School, Mrs. Lee, to keep the school open longer we knew it was a big win for her too!  Frannie has been at Kids Count for two wonderful years.  We will miss Kids Count but are reassured knowing Frannie is prepared for her next academic adventure.  Thank you Kids Count!

-Sincerely, Bill & Jennifer Hall

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